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“Once you crack the script, everything else follows.” – Ridley Scott

The Chance of a Lifetime.

The Write Project Film Fund was created for the specific purpose to promote the development and production of professionally produced filmed entertainment in Africa for exhibition internationally. The main goal of The Write Project is to boost entrepreneurial creativity domestically, bring film investments to Africa, encourage the production of professional audiovisual works and promote international coproduction. 

The South African Film industry has grown in leaps and bounds with both local and international co-productions becoming a regular offering on international streaming media providers. The industry competes internationally and the increase in film production, be it local, co-production or service production, has resulted in a much larger pool of qualified and experienced technical crews who contribute to making this industry such a hub of activity.

South Africa’s film industry is the oldest in Africa and one of the oldest in the world, having started in 1896, soon after the Lumiere brothers’ famous first commercial film screening in 1895. The industry is one of the more established and commercially viable on the continent.

Over the past ten years the industry has produced an array of award winning films, television series and documentaries. It doesn’t produce as many films as Nigeria’s bustling industry, but offers a steady trickle of crowd pleasers and international award winners like Tsotsi (2006) and Skoonheid (Beauty, 2011).

An abundance of talent in South Africa have submitted their film projects for funding approval to The Write Project since its launch in July 2020. Over 650+ submissions were processed during the first cycle of applications, but without an audience the creative act is pointless.

Formed in February 2020The Write Project Film Fund is a subsidiary of PSP Media Capital which is spearheaded by its Managing Director Brian Wu. It’s a next-generation media finance company that is backed by multiple angel investors based in Los Angeles, California; Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; Hong Kong, China; and Cape Town, South Africa.

SOUTH AFRICA ONLY. Submissions are  now closed.


To apply, choose your film project below.


Feature Films

Our mission is to help create pathways for screenwriters and filmmakers who deserve to be seen and want their stories taken from script to screen.

Short Films

Short films are not inferior, just different. They often contain an originality, a creative freedom, an energy and an invention that is inspiring and entertaining.


One of the amazing things about documentary is that you can remake it every time you make one. There is no rule about how a documentary film has to be made.

Television Series

TV is a responsibility, not only in entertaining people, but using this medium of television in positive ways to teach people and enlighten people.

Who We Are


PSP Media Capital, backed by angel investors across the globe, is a next-generation media finance company engaged in providing investment funds for independent feature film production with a focus on professionally produced unique and entertaining micro budget motion pictures, television content origination and documentaries. The company prioritizes investments into various genres of feature films that continue to experience burgeoning growth and consumer demand, especially for on-demand internet streaming media providers, such as Netflix.

With offices located in both Cape Town and Los Angeles, our team has been purposely assembled with the intent to provide the film industry and capital partners a reliable and equitable source for independent film qualifying and investing. Our mix of expertise in film production, distribution, and finance, along with a heavy weight of industry relationship capital enables us to find, evaluate, and execute film project opportunities with a keen eye and understanding of current and future market needs.

Forged with our experience in the development of new media opportunities, and finance, The Write Project Film Fund is uniquely positioned to evaluate, execute, and manoeuvre films in the growing international film market. We’ve streamlined our offering into an end-to-end solution that allows us to impactfully contribute to the entire filmmaking process. Our systemized project development and production process utilizes the latest technologies and distribution strategies to achieve cost savings while extending distribution opportunities to a global audience.



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Investor Relations


“The Write Project Film Fund…your one-stop solution for qualified and vetted Independent Films.”


PSP Media Capital was created for the specific purpose of the aggregation of capital for investment in the filmed entertainment. We provide investment selection, risk analysis and management, with overall project capitalisation.

We pursue visionary ideas and focus our sales, marketing and creative efforts by supporting properties likely to generate sustainable growth that can consistently deliver excellent financial returns to investors across economic cycles.

PSP Media Capital actively manages each phase of the film production process, from development and production, through to delivering to the market. With our network and expertise, we help our creative partners to access various film grants, as well as favourable exchange rates that maximise ROI and reduce risk.

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